How to Care the Floor Scrubber?

- Mar 18, 2020-

Step 1: Empty and clean the sewage tank. During the working of the floor scrubber, a large amount of water mixture containing sludge will be absorbed, which is easy to accumulate in the water tank and give out an unpleasant smell. So it is necessary to clean the water tank with clean water.

Step 2: Remember to empty the sewage tank of the automatic floor washing machine. Especially if not clean every day, otherwise the water in the sewage tank will become the source of bacteria. It can also cause water leakage, and resulting in unnecessary losses (such as burning the motor).

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Step 3: Check whether the water absorption grill and filter screen of floor cleaning machine are clean or not. One of the water absorption grill and suction filter screen is blocking, it will weaken the suction effect. So it is necessary to clean the rubber strip and filter screen with water.

Step 4: Check the wear of the brush plate and the suction grill of the floor washer regularly every week. If the ground have a high friction, the strong pressure on the ground will damage these accessories or accelerate their wear. Under normal circumstances, the brush disc can be replaced after 50 hours of use. On the contrary, after 30 hours of use, the absorbent rubber strip should be replaced or turned up and down. And after 30 hours of use, the absorbent strip should be replaced or turned up and down

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