Ride On Floor Scrubber Driers

1. Ride on floor scrubber driers with flexible operation is suitable for cleaning of small and medium-sized sites.
2. It can replace the medium-sized driving floor washing machine in places of 5000-10000 square meters.
3. Small size, easy to store and transport, such as access to elevator and other space.
4. The design of the operating system is simple and easy to use without special training.

Product Details

Part I: Introduction of ride on floor scrubber driers

Ride on floor scrubber driers set up as one of washing and sucking dry machine, fast cleaning the ground, especially suitable for ceramic tile, marble, epoxy resin, cement and other large area cleaning, such as factories, square, supermarket, government, hospital, school, hotel, airport, subway, terminals and other places. 

1floor scrubber

Part II: Performance Characteristics of ride on floor scrubber driers

1.For Propelling Motor, it is use Amer, and for the Controller, it is use PG.

2.About Suction Motor, our company is use AMETEK.

3.Dual motor/brush design, wide squeegee, high capacity water tank, high working efficiency. 

4.For floor scrubber brush pan, our company is use Malish, it can protect the ground  etc.

5. Automatic lifting and lowering squeegee, with delayed powering off vacuum motor after lifting up to prevent spillage of dirty water from the suction pipe.

6. Equipped with high-capacitance battery kit, the machine can work continuously over 4 hours.

floor scrubber driers

Part III: Datas of PA5 ride on floor scrubber driers

Technical Data


Cleaning Width

Suction Width

Area performance



Lifting Motor 

Water Tank

















Part IV: Warranty

To ensure customers'benefits, we provide the most suitable solutions with compliance of industrial standards. Agreements and technical regulations.

1. All products are inspected before leaving the factory to ensure product quality.. 

2. Comprehensive inspection for all the products is executed before shipment.

3. The products and services comply with ‘three guarantees' since the payment. During 1 year warranty, malfunctions of the product not caused by customers can be repaired and replaced for free (not including wearing components). The company will respond in 12 hours once an inquiry has been made by customers with dispatching of our service team.

4. After warranty expiry, the customers can purchase components with our sales and service network. Additional charges may apply if on spot service is required.

Email: eilin@pivotcleaningmachine.com 

Web: www.pivotcleaningmachine.com

Add: No. 11 Changchun Road, Zhengzhou, China 

Tel/ Whatsapp: +86-18339818406

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