Commercial Floor Cleaning Machine

Floor scrubber is powerful, and capable of cleaning requirements in the industrial environment of heavy oil. Besides, it has enough compactness and flexibility to deal with the large area of cleaning task quickly and effectively. It is mainly used in shopping center, departure hall, factory and logistics warehouse.

Product Details

Part I: Introduction of floor scrubber

Flexible operation of mini driving type fully automatic washing machine, for small and medium scale place with range of 5,000-10,000 square meters, can replace medium-sized drive-type washing machine.

Compact models, can enter the elevator, convenient for upstairs and downstairs, simple operation, without special training.

driving scrubber drier

Part II: Featureas of floor scrubber

1.This intelligent automatic washing and dry machine is an indispensable ideal electric cleaning machinery for floor cleaning.

2.Driving easy, flexible operation, high efficiency, good effect, the machine went spotless cleaning, floor cracks can suck sewage clean, dry scrubbing off the ground, no residual traces of water.

3.Dirty water, mud, sand sucked to the sewage tank, especially after the oil spill on the floor to be clean as new, the less artificial. Low cost, applicable to all industries.

floor scrubber

Part III: Application of floor scrubber

The floor scrubber cleaning machine is suitable for PVC,Brick,granite,marble,Epoxy floor,Cement floor etc.Save manpower, efficient and convenient.

floor scrubber

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