China Automatic Floor Cleaning Machine

Floor scrubber is powerful, and capable of cleaning requirements in the industrial environment of heavy oil. Besides, it has enough compactness and flexibility to deal with the large area of cleaning task quickly and effectively. It is mainly used in shopping center, departure hall, factory and logistics warehouse.

Product Details

Part I: Introduction of floor scrubber

Floor scrubber is battery powered,it comes with battery chargers. It sets up as one of washing, brushing and sucking dry machine and these three steps (washing, brushing and sucking) are all done at the same time. Floor would be as clean as a new one. Dirty water, mud, sand, stains and oil contamination are all sucked into recovery tank in a systematic way. Our floor scrubber is widly used in public places, such as hospital, shopping mall, air port,and factory.

floor scrubber

Part II: Featureas of floor scrubber

1.Hand push battery washing machine is applied to all sectors, such as supermarkets, factory, train stations, subway stations, schools, house, warehouses and other terrestrial use.

2.High efficiency, the machine went spotless cleaning, dry scrubbing off the ground, no residual traces of water.

3.Dirty water, mud, sand all sucked into the sewage tank, especially the oil spill on the floor cleaned as new, the less artificial.

4.The adhesive strip is replaced and the rubber strip is replaced quickly without the tools, and the glue bar adopts the imported rubberstrip for durable and durable.

5.The structure of the brush disc is made of aluminum alloy die casting, and the pressure of the brush plate can be adjusted freely according to the degree of dirt on the ground.

floor scrubber


1.  How could we know the quality, if we want to order your products?

At present, so many people in the world to use Chinese products, because of the high quality and most competitive prices. We are professional manufacturer in supplying floor cleaner machine. Anyway, confirming our products quality, a small trial order for testing will be necessary.

2. We make payment for you, what we should do if you don’t send us our order? And what’s your payment terms?

Firstly, we promise that will never happen. We do understand what our new customer worry about. We accept various terms of payment, including L/C, T/T, Paypal and West union. You can choose the best one for you.

3.What we should do if your products don’t work well? Whom do we contact if we get poor quality products?

If our products don’t work well, please check the installation is right or not. Also, please confirm your workers operate in right method. If you confirm everything is ok in your side, please contact us immediately, we will pay much attention and solve your problem asap.

If you interested in it, please contact me!


floor scrubber


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