Automatic Warehouse Ride On Floor Scrubber

Floor scrubber is powerful, and capable of cleaning requirements in the industrial environment of heavy oil. Besides, it has enough compactness and flexibility to deal with the large area of cleaning task quickly and effectively. It is mainly used in shopping center, departure hall, factory and logistics warehouse.

Product Details

Part I: Introduction of floor scrubber

1.A hand-push battery washing machine is applied to all sectors, such as supermarkets, factories, train stations, subway stations, schools, houses, warehouses, and other terrestrial use.

2. High efficiency, the machine went spotless cleaning, dry scrubbing off the ground, no residual traces of water.

3. Dirty water, mud, sand all sucked into the sewage tank, especially the oil spill on the floor cleaned as new, the less artificial.

4. Low cost, can replace eight cleaning people.

Automatic Warehouse Ride On Floor Scrubber

Part II: Advantage of floor scrubber

1. Propelling Motor, we use Amer(Italy brand). 

2. Suction Motor, we use AMETEK(US brand).

3. About Controller, we use PG(UK brand).

4. Big capacity tank & wide brush width make cleaning more efficient.

6.Maintenance-free battery can guarantee a longer working life.

7. Low-noise can be used in hospitals and other quiet environments.

8.IC and LCD screen, and can accurately understand the power usage and the use of time.

9. Several machine option can be chosen according to customer’s requirement. 

Automatic Warehouse Ride On Floor Scrubber

Part III: Our Company

At present, the company's products have covered various cleaning areas. The company's products have a better response in domestic and foreign markets. The requirements for products are very strict. The quality of the products represents our company. At the same time, we also attach great importance to after-sales service, so that customers can buy with confidence and peace of mind.




Add: No. 11 Changchun Road, Zhengzhou, China; 

Automatic Warehouse Ride On Floor Scrubber

Part IV: FAQ

Why can't the floor scrubber water absorption motor start?

1. Check whether the water volume of the sewage tank is full.

2. Check whether the water level sensor in the sewage tank is blocked by foreign matters or fails.

Why is sewage left on the ground?

1. Check whether the water absorption rubber strip is worn.

2. Check whether there is any foreign matter between the two suction strips.

3. Check the suction pipe for foreign material.

4. Check whether the suction filter is damaged or not clean.

5. Check whether the sealing ring of the sewage tank cover is in good condition.

6. Check whether the suction pipe is correctly connected to the suction grill.

Q:Why is the ground stained?

A:Check whether the brush/cleaning pad is used to clean the floor and stains.

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Automatic Warehouse Ride On Floor Scrubber


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