Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines

Sweeper is an integrated garbage sweeper which combines sweeping and dust collection. It has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, high efficiency, low cleaning cost, good cleaning effect, high safety performance and high economic return.

Product Details

Battery Type Ride on Sweeper/Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines

Introduce of the ride on floor sweeper

PA1400 is a medium-sized driving floor sweeper, it is equipped with an independent motor that controls both side brushes and the main brush system. The three-wheeled chassis design, small turning radius, suitable for a variety of outdoor places, can be swiped large garbage, fallen leaves and other solid waste.

Ride On Floor Sweeper

Features of the floor sweeper

1. The chassis is made of all steel structure, and the shell is made of high molecular polymer material. It is roll molded, durable and beautiful;


2. Hydraulic disc brake configuration is adopted to ensure operation safety;


3. The side brush will rise and fall automatically. When the side brush is in working state, it will run automatically


4. Large capacity dustbin, large storage, easy to dump


5. Equipped with large rolling brush, as long as the rolling brush and side brush fall to the ground, they can start to rotate.

 Ride On Floor Sweeper

Date of the floor sweeper:

Model: PA1400


Cleaning Width: 1400mm

Main Brush Width: 700mm

Side Brush Diameter: 500*2mm

Main Brush Diameter: 330mm

Area Performance: 10000m2/h

Traction Power: 1200W

Filter Area: 4.2m2

Dust Tank: 150L

Machine Size: 140cm*98cm*160cm



Q1: Does the product have after-sales service?

Yes, the products have 1-2 year warranty. Quality problems can provide free parts replacement.

Q2 Does the product have instructions for use?

Of course, each of our products has a video and instruction. And we have professional technicians to answer your questions.

Q3: Can custom designs be accepted?

Yes, please tell us your requirements, and professional engineers will design it for you.

Q4: How long is the delivery date of the product?

Once we receive the order, we will arrange for our factory staff to arrange it immediately. Delivery will be completed within 7-15 days after payment.


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