Electric Street Sweeper

1. Electric Street Sweeper is added the fully closed cab with full visibility as the cab forward design that give operator a clear view of the sweeping area.
2. The Sweeper is eco-friendly, when people use the electric sweeper, just push the operation buttons and easily to clean leaves, rocks, cigarette butts, paper, nails, etc.
3. It is mainly used to sweep the floor of factory workshop,yard and narrow streets.

Product Details

Part I: Introduction of electric street sweeper

P2400 electric street sweeper is suitable for large places with large amount of environmental waste so P2400 floor sweeper is a whopping 19000 meters per hour of course. 

P2400 floor sweeper with eight batteries that last up to eight hours. And it's use fully enclosed operation thoroughly clean the road surface rubbish was swept away the ground is clean and thorough.

floor sweeper machine

Part II: Features of electric street sweeper

1.The product is durable, not easy to break, good elasticity, toughness, quality assurance, long-time use.

2.The brushs are easy to clean, no dust left; high quality bristles, durable, and wear-resistant.

3.The machine are convenient to operate, garbage container is easy to pull out.

4.Factory direct sale, low price and good quality.

5.The whole vehicle is made of an all-steel frame chassis , an all-aluminum body and a cab, which is strong and durable and easy to clean and maintain.

6.240L standard dustbin , with larger capacity, is more effective than other electric sweeper. 

7.All-aluminum body strong and durable.

Road Sweeper


Q:How long is the warranty period for Electric Industrial Sweeper?

12 mouths.12 months for all spare parts (not including fragile parts).


Q: What should I consider when I choose a Electric Industrial Sweeper ?
A: -Which floor type that you plan to clean ?
-How many square meters is the cleaning area ?

 floor sweeper

Part IV: Packaging and Delivery

Usually is use woodenbox or container, and also according to the customer's demand.

If you need any cleaning products, please contact me!

My information is: whatapp/+8618339818406

Email: eilin@pivotcleaningmachine.com

floor sweeper
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