Commercial Carpet Cleaner Machine

1.This kind of commercial carpet cleaner machine is adopt the battery power supply design, be able to more efficient and clean area.
2.Durable corrosion brush head and the water tank, can provide years of service life.
3.At the same time to ensure that the budget is 10 times the artificial cleaning efficiency.
4.Unique brush booster function makes washing effect is better.
5.Extremely low operating noise can clean where noise sensitive environment, and its noise is 55% lower than that of similar products.
6.Strong body structure, the cleaning work easily.

Product Details

Part I: Instructions of commercial carpet cleaner machine

  1. Add the clean water to below water tank.

  2. The detergent is poured into the clean water sheet in the proportion of 1:20.

  3. Add some of the defoamers and cover it.

  4. Connect the water outlet pipe and water inlet pipe.

  5. After power on, open the suction switch and roller brush switch.

  6. Puch the machine, then it can work.

  7. After cleaned, you can use the suction pipe to suck up the remaining water.

  8. If you need, we can send to you the working video for it

commercial carpet cleaner machine

Part II: Advantage of commercial carpet cleaner machine

1. Three major functions in one, spray, pump, suck at the same time.

2. This kind of carpet sweeper with stainless steel telescopic bar, spray suction integrated hose, ground sprawled head, etc.

3. It can also be equipped with a cleaning hose, curtains/sofa tools.

commercial carpet cleaner machine

Part III: Features of commercial carpet cleaner machine

This kind of commercial carpet cleaner machine is widely applied, suitable for all kinds of stains. And have these advantages.

Large rear wheel design Stable support, fast movement. 

Floating ball detection when is full          

Controllable door valve: Humanized water spray control valve, simple and flexible operation.

Water tank separation: Clean water tank/sewage tank design, decontamination one step in place.             

Electric roller brush Automatic adjustment of the roller brush, time saving and convenient.

carpet cleaning machinecarpet cleaning machine

Part IV: Our Company

We are committed to becoming the world's leading manufacturer and operator of comprehensive cleaning equipment. Such as floor scrubber, Sweeper Machine, Manual Sweeper, Carpet Cleaning Machine, etc.. And these products sell well all over the country and is exported to more than 30 countries and regions in the world. With a global strategic vision, and with strong technical force and perfect market service system, it continuously expands domestic and international markets.



commercial carpet cleaner machine

Part V: Parameters of carpet cleaner machine


Hose Length (m)

Cable Length (m)

Water/Recovery Tank (L)

Brush Width(mm)






Remark: For the voltage and frequency, it can be 220/230V, 50HZ, if you need others, please tell us your request. 

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