Commercial Cleaning Equipment Carpet Extractor

Multipurpose Carpet Extractor PE24 is a high performance multipurpose carpet extractor to collect dust and clean for carpet, sofa, curtain and car cushion. 1.It has performance of multi-purpose, easy operation, and strong dust collecting ability 2.Intelligent operation, simple and easy with wide application.

Product Details

Multipurpose Carpet Extractor PE24


Main Features for the carpet vacuum extractor:

1.The carpet vacuum extractor with Import motor,quality guarantee


2.Inside the water tank ,inscrease the filter screen non-clogging


3.The carpet vacuum extractor have An external 10 m suction pipe and water absorption,enable to clean within 10 meters


4.The carpet vacuum extractor With high pressure spraying,the cleaner can be sprayed into the bottom of the caprt,so as to effictivel dissolve the obstinate dirt and stain


5.In washing the carpet the cleaner can open the fibre flocks of the carpet and clean the dirt off the carpet softly and thorougly


Product Performance:

1.One machine is larger than three separate machines.
Split mode carpet extractor can not only remove carpet stains, but also clean curtains and sofas, etc. with high efficiency.


2.Super cleanliness.

It can sweep all stains, equipped with high speed nozzle, vacuum suction, imported suction pump, and automatic recovery of sewage.


3.Wide application range, suitable for all kinds of carpets.

For chemical fiber carpet, wool carpet, long wool carpet, mixed carpet, pure wool carpet, etc.

Carpet3 machine and three uses.
Equipped with additional pickpockets to quickly clean sofa and curtain, and can use telescopic rods to avoid climbing worries.



Suitable for cleaning hotel carpets, family carpets and deeper Restaurant Cleaning.

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Q1. Can I put my own LOGO on the products?
A: Yes. You can put your own LOGO on the products and also for the packing.

Q2.  How can I trust you?
A: We are looking for long term business instead of one time business. Mutual trust and double wins are what we expect.

Q3. What's the delivery time?
A: Generally, it takes 15 to 30 days to finish an order. Exact delivery time would be confirmed by further communication.

Q4. Can I order different models to be one container?
A: Surely, different models ( But no more than 10 kinds ) can be fixed into one container.

Technical Data:

Power (Suction/pump)


Suction (Kpa)

Soft Hose Length (m)

Cable Length (m)

Water/ Recovery Tank (L)



Carpet Piching

Clear Width


Measurement (mm)










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