Road Cleaning Machine Car

Road Cleaning Machine Car

1.It has the characteristics of high pressure, large flow, compact structure, long service life and fast speed 2.Streamline design is adopted for the whole vehicle, hydraulic shock absorption is adopted for the front fork, and bumper is prepared, which is solid and durable 3.The valve adopts centralized control, which is convenient for operation and greatly improves the working efficiency 4.It is an ideal product for municipal environmental sanitation, cleaning, construction, industry and mining, etc

Product Details

High Pressure Car Washing For Road P11

Part I: Introduction of high pressure cleaning car

High Pressure Washing car P11 is a product specially designed for municipal sanitation, road cleaning and outdoor cleaning. Strong high-pressure washing system can effectively remove road surface, building dust stains, and can effectively clean sanitation stations, buses, engineering vehicles, etc. It can achieve a multi-purpose, is ideal product for municipal sanitation, industrial and commercial cleaning, construction industry and mining enterprises clean.


Part II: Features of high pressure washing car

1.The whole vehicle adopts the parts of Italian AR pump, and Honda engine.


2.It has the characteristics of high pressure, large flow, compact structure, long service life, fast response, etc.


3.The vehicle head adopts a streamline design concept, and is provided with a bumper, is strong and heavy, and is novel and beautiful.


4.The front fork has the advantages of hydraulic shock absorption, comfortable driving, high anti-seismic strength, excellent performance and safety and reliability of heavy load.

high pressure washing car

Part III: Technical parameter

Product Model


Max Speed


Pump Max Flow


Water Tank Capacity


Pump Max Pressure




Oil Tank Capacity


Water availability time


High Pressure Hose

15m self-rolling hose

working device Start-up mode

Manual/ Power-operated

Part IV: Our Service                                 

Pre-Sales Service                                                   After-Sales Service

* Inquiry and consulting support.                        * Training how to instal the machine,

* Sample testing support.                                    * Training how to use the machine. 

* View our Factory.                                               * Technical consultation

* Technical consultation                                       * Parts mailing


Part V: Our Company

Our company mainly provide High Pressure washing car  for many years, and mainly provide five Series Products. As follows:

1.Small type municipal cleaning machine(also called roadway flusher)

2.Scrubber-Drier: It including hand push type and driving type

3.Sweeper Scrubber-Drier: It including hand push type and driving type

4.Carpet Cleaner Machine

5.Snow Cleaning Machine

We will provide you with professional support and technical guidance. 

If you need any cleaning equipment, please feel free to contact me!

     My information is: Whatsapp: +8615903873562


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