Factory Price Electric Motor Tricycle For Road Washing

Factory Price Electric Motor Tricycle For Road Washing

High pressure cleaning car is mainly used for washing the non-motorized driveway, sidewalk, streets, oil trace, dirt, small advertisement, also can be used for the guardrail cleaning, irrigation landscaping, vehicle cleaning etc. It is the most cost-effective washing car.

Product Details

Part I: Introduction of high pressure cleaning car

High Pressure Washing car is a product specially designed for municipal sanitation, road cleaning and outdoor cleaning. Strong high-pressure washing system can effectively remove road surface, building dust stains etc. It can achieve a multi-purpose, is ideal product for municipal sanitation, industrial and commercial cleaning, construction industry and mining enterprises clean. It mainly use for  huge hotel , parking place , small street and sidewalk. 

high pressure cleaning car

Part II: Features of high pressure washing car

1.The whole vehicle adopts the parts of Italian AR pump, and Honda engine. 

2.It has the characteristics of high pressure, large flow, compact structure, long service life, fast response, etc. 

3.The vehicle head adopts a streamline design concept, and is provided with a bumper, is strong and heavy, and is novel and beautiful. 

4.The front fork has the advantages of hydraulic shock absorption, comfortable driving, high anti-seismic strength, excellent performance and safety and reliability of heavy load.

high pressure cleaning car

Part III: Product Parameters

Product Model


Max Speed


Pump Max Flow


Water Tank Capacity


Pump Max Pressure




Oil Tank Capacity


Water availability time


High Pressure Hose

15m self-rolling hose

working device Start-up mode

Manual/ Power-operated

Part IV: Our Service

Pre-sales service

1.We provide presales service in various forms, making investment budge, manufacturing, planning, so that customers can make a reasonable plan with less cost.

2.We will fist check customer’s goods and goods size, then we will recommend suitable packing machine to 100% suitable.

3.We will recommend and offer machine according to customer’s use and purchase budget.

In-sale service:

1.We will supply each manufacturing step photo for customer checking on time.

2.We will prepare packing and shipment according to customer’s needing in advance.

3.Testing the machine and making video for customer’s checking.

After-sale service:

1.We will guarantee the machine quality for 1 years.

2.We provide free training and answer customer's question on technology in time

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