Road Cleaning Truck

Road Cleaning Truck is mainly used for washing the non-motorized driveway, sidewalk, streets, oil trace, dirt, small advertisement, also can be used for the guardrail cleaning, irrigation landscaping, vehicle cleaning etc. It is the most cost-effective washing car.

Product Details

Part I: Introduction of Road Cleaning Truck

Road Cleaning Truck is a product specially designed for municipal sanitation, road cleaning, and outdoor cleaning. A strong high-pressure washing system can effectively remove road surfaces, building dust stains, etc. It can achieve a multi-purpose, is an ideal product for municipal sanitation, industrial and commercial cleaning, construction industry, and mining enterprises clean. It's widely used for municipal,venue,airport,station,square,residential community,theme park,etc.

high pressure cleaning car

Part II: Features of Road Cleaning Truck

1. High-quality burner with intelligent temperature regulation and protection function

2. Our road cleaning truck is used Jinpeng base, original half awning, overweight, safe and reliable

3. The front fork adopts hydraulic shock absorption, which is comfortable to drive, strong in earthquake resistance and excellent in performance

4. High temperature and high pressure have better cleaning effect, reduce the use of detergent and shorten working time

5. The large air volume blower burns efficiently and fully, and the large capacity mailbox works continuously with hot water for 3 hours.

6. High efficiency and sufficient combustion efficiency of large air volume blower, large capacity tank to get continuous hot water work for 3 hours.

Road Cleaning Truck

Part III: Our Service

Honest & Faithful: It is our working style and base of which helps us to build up long term and trusted relation shipment with our customers, staff, and partners.

Quality: We pursue high quality of product and service. We are serious-minded and cautious about any project and tasks and try our best to be perfect in the leading areas in this industry.

Customers first: We provide excellent compensation, benefit with a healthy and comfortable office environment. As to the customers, It’s our happy staff who will try their best to bring you great service experience.

Buyers requirements: according to the users’ feedback, to analyze the reason for the problem, do the right maintenance and the matched spare parts.

Developing a precaution system, making sure the troubleshoot be solved for the first time.

If users are false or improper use, can call us directly, we will be paid a return visit for the first time, to give you the guide correctly.




Road Cleaning Truck


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