Gasoline Portable Road Blower

1.Gasoline Portable Road Blower are widely used for sweeping residual dust and particles before paving asphalt roads and filling and sewing roads.
2.They can also be used for cleaning and sweeping fallen leaves in large squares, courtyards and greenbelts, and dehumidifying and drying open-air sports venues.

Product Details

Features of Gasoline Portable Road Blower

·Assemble Honda Power, quality assurance, superior performance, easy to start.

·The self-designed centrifugal wind wheel, with large air volume, high wind pressure and thorough dust blowing, is suitable for a variety of work needs.

·The wind direction is adjustable, which is more convenient to use.

·Surface spray plastic, beautiful and beautiful, rust and corrosion resistance.

Introduction of Gasoline Portable Road Blower

For the construction of road blowing dust and blowing snow, blowing sand on the railway, and open-air transformer blowing snow. The park is blowing leaves, the court blowing snow and forest fire, the biggest advantage of the machine is small size, light weight, oil province, easy to start, I plant hair dryer system, the least fuel consumption of a Honda gasoline hair dryer, Light weight, wind and other characteristics.

Gasoline Portable Road Blower

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