Electric Floor Sweeper Scrubber

Equipped with rolling brush system, Floor Sweeper Scrubber integrates scrubbing with sweeping function, which can bring small garbage, such as bits of wood, light metal fragments, scraps of papers and etc into the garbage box.

Product Details

Part I: Introduction of floor sweeper scrubber

Collection of washing, sweeping in one.

The machine's roller brush system can collect wood chips, screws, light metal fragments, paper scraps and other solid waste into the solid waste box, so as to avoid garbage blockage and damage the water absorption system, and clean the ground at the same time.

As for the dirt cleaning in rough ground and floor gap, the effect of dish brush washing machine can not be compared.

floor sweeper scrubber

Part II: Features of PM17 Floor Sweeper Scrubber

1. Super ground cleaning ability in seriously polluted industrial environment.
2. Equipped with disk washing, and the cleaning width is 1015 mm.
3. Clean water tank is 285L, and the sewage tank is 346L.
4. Equipped with powerful battery to work 7-8 hours in economic mode.
5. The sewage recovery system allows the ground to be basically dry and helps reduce slippage to accidents.

floor sweeper scrubber

Part III: Our Company

Our company is mainly provide road/floor cleaning machine for many years, adheres to the "People-Oriented" faith. We attract talents for continuous innovation. We carry out advanced management. We adhere to the principle of "Customer First, Service First". We aim to become a trustworthy supplier in the environmental protection equipment industry. 

The rational allocation of resources laid the foundation for the sustainable and harmonious development of enterprise, we'll continue to make progress and develop, do our best to build a clean world with the times!

floor sweeper scrubber

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