China Scrubber And Sweeping Machine

Equipped with rolling brush system, Floor Sweeper Scrubber integrates scrubbing with sweeping function, which can bring small garbage, such as bits of wood, light metal fragments, scraps of papers and etc into the garbage box.

Product Details

Part I: Introduction of Scrubber And Sweeping Machine

The floor sweeper scrubber have two different types: the one is hand push type and the other is driving type. 

  1. Working efficiency: The driving type sweeper scrubber machine has a washing and sweeping efficiency of 5500 square meters per hour, which can replace manual washing; the hand pushing sweeper scrubber can reach 3000 square meters per hour, which can replace manual cleaning.

  2. The cost of use is low, generally only about 1USD per day, and the wearing parts are cheap, they are replaced 2-3 times a year.

  3. Mechanized cleaning machine is the inevitable trend of the development of cleaning industry. Mechanized operation has good effect, high efficiency, fast speed and good management.

  4. Generally, the cleaning efficiency is more than 10 times that of manual cleaning, which will change according to the layout of different models and sites. In a word, the cleaning of scrubbing and sweeping machine can save time, labor, money, efficiency and cleaner.

  5. The machine also can collect wood chips, screws, light metal fragments, paper scraps and other solid waste into the solid waste box, so as to avoid garbage blockage and damage the water absorption system, and clean the ground at the same time.


Part II: Application of Scrubber And Sweeping Machine

1. Large distribution center, logistics distribution warehouse, the floor of wood, paper and other debris places

2. Industrial and mining enterprises, parking lots, maintenance factories, airport hangar and other heavy dirt floor

3. Stadium, rubber track cleaning.

4. Property cleaning, schools, factories, commercial areas and other rough floor cleaning work.

floor scrubber

Part III: Our Company

Our company is mainly provide road/floor cleaning machine for many years, adheres to the "People-Oriented" faith. We attract talents for continuous innovation. We carry out advanced management. We adhere to the principle of "Customer First, Service First". We aim to become a trustworthy supplier in the environmental protection equipment industry. 

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