Auto Floor Scrubber Dryer Sweeping Machine

Equipped with rolling brush system, Floor Sweeper Scrubber integrates scrubbing with sweeping function, which can bring small garbage, such as bits of wood, light metal fragments, scraps of papers and etc into the garbage box.

Product Details

Part I: Introduction of floor sweeper scrubber

Big Rider Floor Sweeper Scrubber PM17 can show super ground cleaning ability in seriously polluted industrial environment. It provides features that help you finish cleaning faster and better, while saving money and making it safer. The sewage recovery system allows the ground to be basically dry and helps reduce slippage to accidents. 

floor Sweeper and scrubber

Part II: Application Floor Sweeper Scrubber

1. Factory and warehouse.

2. Shopping center, mall, supermarket.

3. Airports, railway station, bus station, subway station, parking.

4. Hotels, resorts, hospital, school, office building.

5. Exhibition hall, stadiums, theaters, government agencies.

6. Cleaning company.

floor sweeper scrubber

Part III: Features

1. Key-type switch: convenient for operation and maintenance.

2. Battery electricity meter: timing function for operation

3. Motor air intake and exhaust, cold & hot air nit being mixed, guarantee service life of motor.

4. Batteries can be maintained by overturning recovery tank at 90 degrees without any tools.

5. AMETEK motor and V-shape squeegee-powerful suction, no stains or waste water left on floor tiles even in a supermarket or a McDonald’s.

6. Squeegee blades applicable in four directions, no need to use any tools for replacement.

7. Brush system with automatic assembly and disassembly design without any tools for operation.


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